Shima hair ?!!

Hello guys ! How have you been lately ?
I feel so much better since I passed all my exams. And most of all, I have not my splint and my crutch anymore haha
I feel so alive !


Last month I improved my hair color.
Last time when I did my tie and dye, I was not really satisfied.
So, I tried to improve it on my own.

The hairstyle I wanted to attain, was one I saw on Shima Hair blog.
Shima Hair is a hair stylist in Tokyo, which gets talent in the art of pastellisation and makes it in a natural way. I am truly impressed by their work.

Below, you can see the kind of hairstyle I wanted:

So to make it, I have bleached my hair in a first time and in a second time, I have dyed them with an hair-lightening color. Thanks to my friend Lutin for the advice ;)
I am really satisfied with the result. I have got the chocolate and vanilla effect I wanted to >w<!!


See you guys ! xoxo


  1. I am always amazed by shima hair! your hair looks lovely :)

    1. Hope we could have our hairstyle done by them one day x)

      Thank you ^-^