Marie Zannou !/

Hello guys ! How are you ?

I devote this article to a girl who must be followed !
This girl is Marie Zannou, a french lolita who has become a kawaii leader for the Kawaii international TV show.
She is an example for all japanese fashion lover since she realised a dream: walk for some brands and make a photo shoot with professionals from Tokyo.
She is lolita for some years now and she improved seriously.

See how she is cute and perfect as lolita:

 Lately, she walks down the runway for KERA magazine and the brand Galaxxxxy at the KAWAII!! MATSURI !/
She enjoys the experience with the 4 others kawaii leaders: Stella Lee, Kaila, Mio, Eva Cheung.

 Marie studies design and has already done fashion show to present her work.

As lolita, in France, she already walked on fashion shows to present japanese fashion to french people, with the association with who I am working for: Tokyo Fashion Show.

You can follow her on her facebook page:

& her blog:

See you soon, guys !/

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