Happy day ! :D

Hello ! Guys ! I am so excited today !!
Even if I have an exam to prepare u_u It is a really important one for me but I don't give me a lot of pressure.

So, today was a particular day.
People were smiling, relax and polite. It gives me a such good feeling !!
When I reached my home, I went on the net, as always x) and then I fell on the new Harajuku walk report ! This time they celebrated Hanami, a traditional festival in Japan to celebrate spring arrival.

Enjoy this video as me, people ! ^-^


  1. hi wendy! i have to say..

    i love your blog!
    i've just started liking harajuku fashion last year and this is a great site with alot of harajuku loves! <3

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment ^-^ It's cheerfull !

      Your blog is really good too ! I would love to read it often as well ^-^