Calzedonia ~*

Hi guys ! A few month ago I bought new tights ! I am so proud of them x)


Marie Zannou !/

Hello guys ! How are you ?

I devote this article to a girl who must be followed !
This girl is Marie Zannou, a french lolita who has become a kawaii leader for the Kawaii international TV show.
She is an example for all japanese fashion lover since she realised a dream: walk for some brands and make a photo shoot with professionals from Tokyo.
She is lolita for some years now and she improved seriously.

See how she is cute and perfect as lolita:


Shima hair ?!!

Hello guys ! How have you been lately ?
I feel so much better since I passed all my exams. And most of all, I have not my splint and my crutch anymore haha
I feel so alive !


Happy day ! :D

Hello ! Guys ! I am so excited today !!
Even if I have an exam to prepare u_u It is a really important one for me but I don't give me a lot of pressure.

So, today was a particular day.
People were smiling, relax and polite. It gives me a such good feeling !!
When I reached my home, I went on the net, as always x) and then I fell on the new Harajuku walk report ! This time they celebrated Hanami, a traditional festival in Japan to celebrate spring arrival.

Enjoy this video as me, people ! ^-^