My new purchases ^-^

Hi ! So some weeks ago I bought the perfect skirt and the perfect parka !

In fact, I was searching for a long time a skirt which could replace this one:

I always loved it but it was a little too short for me and I didn't like the puffy effect than it has on me.
And lately I went to H&M and I found there, THE PERFECT SKIRT ~O~

I love the way the fabric drapes. It's kinda cool. It's perfect for a "skater mood" addict like me ^-^
The same exists in black, but they were out of stock u_u I hope I could find the black one one day ><!!
The quality is quite good also, I love the little zipper on the back, really delicate. But you can't see it on the picture sorry ^^"

So, here is the second PERFECT OUTFIT !
I bought it lately. It is a simple parka from Blend. I do love it so much ^-^

Some parka examples on which I has a crush before to buy mine:

 Awesome man on ridsnap and Seto Ayumi one

I really like how that kind of parka is useful for every situations. It's perfect for winter when you wanna look cool and feel good. And like I am always wearing skirts, It protects me of wind ^-^ And most of all, the little fur on the cap is really cute ><

I recommend you Blend brand. The parka is really warm ;)

I would liked to present you these clothes on me but with my injured leg, it's isn't really sexy xD

Have a good day people, see you soon ;)


  1. Are you ok??!!
    The color of skirt is awesome!
    I want mods coat like this:DD!!

    1. Yeah I fell better Thank you ^-^ I get better soon ;)
      Try to get one, It's really a good outfit ^-^