Love Syrup ~ ^-^

Totaly in love with those products from Syrup Tokyo ~

 I wonder if I could make the same myself ^-^

the cutest dress ever seen *-*

I discovered Syrup brand, this summer, with organza dresses ~
Syrup is really a cute brand. I hope I could buy some articles this summer on my trip ^-^.

I don't remember if I told you so, but this summer I am going to Tokyo ^-^!! It will be my first time ><!!
This summer, will be the BIG SUMMER !!! ^o^

See you boys ! And girls ! ^-^


  1. Ahh j'adore le sac et la robe ! Ils vont parfaitement ensemble !
    Si tu fais un tuto pour le sac, je suis preneuse ;)

  2. wow you're going to tokyo?! sooo awesome! have a great time!!! :D