Last favorite snaps ^-^

Hello guys !

I am sorry to let you for so long. The last two weeks were hard time for me.
It was my last days at school before my internship and I got all my exams.
It was exhausting u_u

Today, I wanted to show you the last snaps on which I had crush.
Stand ready !

Street snaps from Tokyo Fashion & Japanese Streets


I really like those casual atmospheres and the way those girls put their make-up on and did their hairstyle, It's so full cute ><!!

I hope I could share you more of my outfits, make-up and hairstyle. But It is never easy for me because of my camera :/ I am on the way to buy a new efficient one. This way, I could share every beautiful things I wanna ^-^
So, stay tuned ! I will update about my hair arrangement, new purchases and creations soon !

 See you guys ! xoxo