Last favorite snaps ^-^

Hello guys !

I am sorry to let you for so long. The last two weeks were hard time for me.
It was my last days at school before my internship and I got all my exams.
It was exhausting u_u

Today, I wanted to show you the last snaps on which I had crush.
Stand ready !


tumblr ~

Hi !
I don't know if you noticed than I have a tumblr button on the top of my blog :)

My new purchases ^-^

Hi ! So some weeks ago I bought the perfect skirt and the perfect parka !

In fact, I was searching for a long time a skirt which could replace this one:

My new best friends

Hi people ! say "hello !" to my new best friends ! ^-^


Today I met some cute girls ^-^

Hi people ! Today was a sunny day, I hung out with two awesome girls than I never had the time to meet. I wish I could hang out again with them soon ^-^


Surprise ! ;D

That's not a big surprise, just a little shooting I made of me today. I hope you will enjoy it ;)

Yesterday I bought some flowers...

Did I tell you I like flowers ? ^-^


Thkx to Peggy Lee.

Sometimes I recall that I am not like the others.

Listen to Johnny Guitar if you never did ~


Lately, I just fell for that girl, for that outfit at that right moment ~

I love how her hair is turning, the way she wears her knit, the knit she wears.
The tenderness, ... all about it.

She is Anna Yano, she is model for Soup., CHOKICHOKI girls, Used Mix, Zipper and mer ?
I found her and her outfits on one of HARAJUKU KAWAii!! TV video ^-^