Shopping!!! ^o^/

Hello guys !
Since last november I bought a lot of new things but I didn't show you them. So that's the moment ! ^-^

Firstly I bought some second-hand clothes:

Love this tee >//<!!

 I had a crush on that skirt ~
At the begining there was big buttons on the front but It was too much, then I took them off.

Did you remember when I told you I was buying a skirt like the one below, when I presented you Joyrich brand ?

Then, It is the one I was alking about ! :)

At the begining there were lace at the bottom but It was too girly for me.
I think I'll take off the underskirt too, because It is too much loose.

Secondly I finally got things I was searching so long ago !!

Do you remember the organza dress ?!!

I got it thanks to Mystical Doll ! ^o^/

I knew she could make it and that's what happened ! I ordered her one and I have chose lilac color >-<

So beautiful ~

And the transparent and white tights, do you remember also ?

I find it in a specialised shop in my town. I program to wear them  for Kyary concert ^-^

And there are my babies !! >3< So much love ~~!!
I trully love them xD

And finally I got a kind of new pants x)

It makes a long time since I fall in love with the trend of pyjama pants ! You may think Its weird but It's not as weird than wearing negligee x)

Lately, people in Harajuku wore a lot pyjama pants. The oldies ones, those than we were wearing in the 90's. The shop Nadia flores en el corrazon was selling some.

Nadia pants

awesome people ~

But why did I fall for it ? I think because of the colors and prints than you could never found on a "true" pants and also because of the cut.
I never told you than finding pants was not a pleasure cruise for me. I am really obssesed by straight cut and It is always a scavenger hunt to find some.

Lately I even fall for this pants, from fuva, a brand sold at Spinns shop.

The only defect I noticed on my pants is than the fabric is fragile and slight. But It is so much cute >w<!! Love the color, the pattern and the cute satin belt >x<!!

I must let you for now guys, see you soon ! ^-^


  1. Awesome!!!!I want the organza dress!!I want to show your coordinate:D

    1. Thank you very much !! :D
      I will make a coordi soon ;)


  3. really cute clothes!!! I also love that baggy lookin pants style in japanese streetstyle, I bought a pair that are similar to those you bought but I sewed mine after a while so they became skinny pants. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVERRR

    BTW thanks for following me! :D

    1. ow sweetie ! I am happy to follow a girl as you ^-^

      Thank you for the compliment. And don't be sad, you'll find some of those baggy pants again ;D