Pixie Bunny special coordination xX

Hello cuties ! ;o
Today I wore a special Pixie Bunny coordination !
Pixie Bunny is an english shop where you can by many pretty things from Japan. For Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert, I bought a Mameshiba tatoo tights but unfortunately I didn't get it before the event.

The sweet owner of this shop, sent me the tights with the cutest bubble gums I have ever seen ><  Then I decided to make a coordinate which could match with the tights and the bubble gum to honor the shop ^-^
And here is the result of THE CHALLENGE ;o

Dress - H&M
Tee - ZARA
Bra - ZARA
Shoes - second-hand
Tights - Pixie Bunny
Necklace - handmade
Earring - 6%DOKIDOKI

The bubble gums were really yummy ! ^-^ Their smell got to my nose since yesterday xD

Otherwise, I am really statisfied of those tatoo tights. It is is cute, pleasant and high standard -> My friend Haru explained me than tights with 20 denier are really resistant and of high quality.

I will make a topic tomorrow about my Paris trip and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert ! -o^ ! See you ! :)


  1. Cute Bra! Do you live in France? I thought you lived in Japan :D.

  2. Thank you ^-^

    Yeah I am french so I live in France x)

    I talk a lot about japanese street fashion because I am totally inspired by it ^-^

  3. You could go to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert??! Amazing!!!! I wanna hear about it!

    And I want to tell you about DIY tatoo tights! (If you've know about it,SorryX( )
    First of all,you draw what you want to draw ,and put on tights and put a seatof the paper into tights.
    secondly,you trace it by marker pen!That's all! You can wear tights you want to wear! PLZ try it:D

    1. Yeah I could x) I'll do the article this evening :)

      I knew about it, but thank you for the idea. Have you done some ?