Mori like make-up ~3~

Hello guys ! Lately I have experimented a new make-up with cheek as the back of a deer ^-^
I were it with a colorfull outfits to contrast, but lazy and casual as a moutain girl.

  At the begining I were braids, but with my comics tee-shirt and my skirt I thought It was a little too much kids like for me.
The whole outfits:

 I wear my fav' pastel bow in my hair to add a well-bred girl look x)

Other pictures ~

Tee - second-hand clothes
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - second-hand clothes
Socks - home stuff
Bow - H&M

I hope you liked this look guys ^-^
See you next time ;D


  1. Loving the make-up! You're super cute♥

  2. Very cute! I love your hair. Would you like to follow each other? check out my blog and let me know. x


    1. Thank you ^-^ Your blog is really cool, you are a such elegant girl. I think I will follow it ;)