Back on Paris trip + KPP concert ;o

 Hello guys ! Sorry for this week absence but I needed a break because I am in the final stretch for studies before my training u_u So, I come back on my last trip in Paris 2 weeks ago ^^/

The first day:

 The first day I met friends of the Rainbow Team and It was the first time than I met some of them ^-^
I was really happy to meet for the first time Mnon, Maeru and Laura >w<
But I couldn't do a lot of thing with them because I had to go home early ^^

 First at 12pm I did some friperies with my lovely friend Merveille and we ate together at Starbuck /
She was so cute because lately, she want to slow down on sugar and then I couldn't not stop at chocolateries xD And above all when we rejoined girls, they wanted to go to Princess crêpes, It was a torture for Merveille haha x)

 Then we went all together to Princess Crêpes. There, we ate our lovely crêpes and at the same time a film crew for japanese television enter into the shop. It was so funny because they were filming us very closely, even without asking us if we wanted to. But after, they were really nice and ask us if we wanted to answer to some questions, so we did it ^-^ They were there for tomorrow Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert where some of us were going also :)

I had'nt pictures of that day because I had forgot my camera *baka*
 So I stole some pictures to my perfect twin Haru x) *gome Haru ><*

Haru's pictures ^^:

Mnon, Me, Maeru & Merveille
Haru & Me >< <3

RT pose ;3

You can check Haru report on her blog: Vintage Romantic Doll ;)

The second day:

The day before, Maeru had the great idea to bring us on that day to a bagles & bubble tea shop.
The place was really pleasant and we almost all make our choice for a lovely nordic bagle
* I love salmon *-* *

Haru & Laura <3

On the way to go at Kyary Pamyu pamyu concert, we stop to a really strange shop because I absolutely wanted to take some pictures of it haha x)
Haru did not take a long time to be fascinated by this shop as cult party-kei lover as me >< Love this girl !!!

As we have plenty of space, we did a street snap next to the shop ^-^
Haru & Me were twins >w< Haru made us the jacket, isn't it beautiful ? ^-^

I remember than during the snap a man from the frip, next to the weird shop, run after us and ask if we were interested by a lovely panther backpack *-* And yes I was ! But I was already wearing mine on my back xD

Sairen pictures ;3:

 The perfect twin >O<!!!

Then after, we reached the concert hall La Cigale. There I met some friends: my wonderfull Yu mascarade and the cutest Bambi Bitty ><!! I also met my lovely Sairen, but I forgot to took a picture of her ><!! But she was gorgeous as usual ^-^ You can check her KPP concert report on her blog: French Doll ;)

There, there were also a lot of japanese journalist, they took pictures of us and interviewed some of us. But I am totally disturbed since that day because I accepted to answer some questions to a french journalist and I realised during the shooting than the questions might be trapped questions. I am afraid of the result ><

Yu Mascarade

the funniest journalists xD

Bambi Kitty ! Nya >o</

And the best for the END... KYARY !!!
enjoy ;)

She was so lovely and perfect >w< as always indeed ^^

It was a wonderfull week-end, I hope I could have some others like this one ^-^
I hope you enjoy reading. See you next time guys ! ^o^

 with Merveille, trying to draw a heart xD


  1. OUIN OUIN j'aurais tellement aimé être la ffufuuffuu tout le monde me manque ;_; bon après le concert avec les wotta ceeertes bon haha mais meeting la ouin

    1. Mow je voudrais trop te revoir et prendre le temps de parler ><!! De même les filles je ne les ai pas vu assez longtemps ;-; le tps passe trop vite !!

  2. Moi aussi j'aurais vraiment aimé être là. Vous êtes toutes parfaites *V*

    1. >< j'aurai aimé que tu sois là aussi ! La prochaine fois que je descends on se voit ;)

  3. soooo awesome that you got to see kyary!!!! jealous :D

    1. ahah yeah xD we are a little bit lucky. Kyary visits France two times this year ^-^

  4. Girl! I found your snap on kyary's world tour website! here!
    you have many good friends i'm jealous!

    1. Ow yeah ! i found us, thank you ^^ But I have a such an horrible face haha xD
      Don't be jealous, I just start to met them. I hope I could see them again and than you'll find some too ;)

  5. What a amazing your life is! I love your Kyarry vest!Super cute!!
    France is awesome:D

    1. ahah x) I don't think so. But most of the time I like planified to make it interesting ;)

      Thank you for the vest, It's my friend Haru who made it ^-^ Thanks to her ~

      Come to see us one day ;)