Today, I was inspired by a rockabilly spirit ^-^
So that's high bun, boy's shoes, teddy jacket, skater skirt and shirt collar that exceeds /


Lately I am peacefull, I do not ask myself too many questions over and It's good.
I... am feeling good.


Mori like make-up ~3~

Hello guys ! Lately I have experimented a new make-up with cheek as the back of a deer ^-^
I were it with a colorfull outfits to contrast, but lazy and casual as a moutain girl.

AMOYAMO x E Hyphen Wolrd

AMOYAMO participated to E Hyphen Wolrd's new CM.

Look at the making off: 


Back on Paris trip + KPP concert ;o

 Hello guys ! Sorry for this week absence but I needed a break because I am in the final stretch for studies before my training u_u So, I come back on my last trip in Paris 2 weeks ago ^^/

The first day:

 The first day I met friends of the Rainbow Team and It was the first time than I met some of them ^-^
I was really happy to meet for the first time Mnon, Maeru and Laura >w<
But I couldn't do a lot of thing with them because I had to go home early ^^

 First at 12pm I did some friperies with my lovely friend Merveille and we ate together at Starbuck /
She was so cute because lately, she want to slow down on sugar and then I couldn't not stop at chocolateries xD And above all when we rejoined girls, they wanted to go to Princess crêpes, It was a torture for Merveille haha x)

 Then we went all together to Princess Crêpes. There, we ate our lovely crêpes and at the same time a film crew for japanese television enter into the shop. It was so funny because they were filming us very closely, even without asking us if we wanted to. But after, they were really nice and ask us if we wanted to answer to some questions, so we did it ^-^ They were there for tomorrow Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert where some of us were going also :)

I had'nt pictures of that day because I had forgot my camera *baka*
 So I stole some pictures to my perfect twin Haru x) *gome Haru ><*

Haru's pictures ^^:


Pixie Bunny special coordination xX

Hello cuties ! ;o
Today I wore a special Pixie Bunny coordination !
Pixie Bunny is an english shop where you can by many pretty things from Japan. For Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert, I bought a Mameshiba tatoo tights but unfortunately I didn't get it before the event.

The sweet owner of this shop, sent me the tights with the cutest bubble gums I have ever seen ><  Then I decided to make a coordinate which could match with the tights and the bubble gum to honor the shop ^-^
And here is the result of THE CHALLENGE ;o


AMO x E Hyphen World Collaboration

Hi dears !
AMO-chan did a new collaboration with the brand E Hyphen World, for their new shop called Bonbon. I am totally falling for this perfect collection ><!!
If only I could buy the dress or the earrings ^O^ !
The collection will be sold the 23 february. So if you can, go for it ! ;D

Here is a little making off from the shooting of the last collab with AMO-chan:


The Little Vicious ;3

Hi sweeties ! I hope you will have a happy valentine's day for the ones who could enjoy ;)

You remember the time I presented you the brand: The Little Vicious ?
This lovely brand is making an exhibition for their new collection "Play Bunny". The place is really stunning !


Charismatic character ~

Lately, with the 90's trend, a lot of girl are inspired by Mathilda from Léon movie. And it is the same for me.


Shopping!!! ^o^/

Hello guys !
Since last november I bought a lot of new things but I didn't show you them. So that's the moment ! ^-^

Firstly I bought some second-hand clothes: