Super skaterman !

Hello boys & boyish girls (and girls also).

Today's topic is a photoshooting, made by the photographer Ayako Kichikawa and by the stylist Masahiro Nakajima.

When I first saw this photoshoot, I said "What a cool boy and stage !". This guys is like a super-hero from american comics. You know, he has green lighting hair, like if he was in transformation, and he is wearing bright blue and red colors, as many american super-heros -> spiderman, superman, captain america ...

 And more than that, he is wearing really cool outfits. The brand is DISSBORN. And I am now in love with that brand, even if It is for boys.

First time I was on their official website I was like "Whoa !". I was welcomed by a so cool bad boy, worthy to be the buddy of Rufio in Hook.

As I was talking about Hook, I now let you with the best part of the movie, the most cool and the most touching ;)

Hook <3

See you guys !


  1. OH...!! I love this boy with skirt!<33
    I want such a long skirt:D
    Many boys in Japan often wear skirt!
    It is good!!!!

    BTW,why do you know about Japanese fashion well??:D
    I am really surprised.xx

    1. ahah ! he is gorgeous, isn't he ? :D
      Yeah, I like a lot skirts also >w<!!
      And on man It is cool, I agree !

      Because I am really interested in and than I do a lot of search on the net ^-^