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 Hi guys !

I am sorry for my long absence but I am currently sick since one week and the littlest activity is hard to do for me.

 Otherwise, do you remember Kanae Higashi than I presented you last time, when I was talking about cult party girls ?

I told you than she was the owner of a brand and It happens than last december she sold some of her creations to The Virgin Mary shop.

 Kanae Higashi

Here you can see the collection:

This collection was really inspiring for me. So for now, I am in a little mouse mood some days, haha.


Recently the famous Akihabara photographer Julie Watai was wearing one of her creation. Love it >-<
 This photographer is really turned around Akihabara subculture but has a really great sense of style.

Julie Watai

See you guys ! Have a good evening & night !


  1. You are super cute girl!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wanna help you with your love for Japanese fashion.
    Well..Do you know a website"ameba"?
    It is a blog site for Japanse people;D

    This is きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ's blog<3 PLZ visit^^

    1. Thank you >w<!!!

      Yes I know about it ! ^-^ thank you.
      If you look on my articles. Each models name have a link for her ameblo ;)

  2. oh....You know all about them dont you?!lol
    You may know more than me,,,!
    I have to research more!!!!lol

  3. OMG
    I've heard this place is kinda cool one, but these photos are beyond my expectation!!
    I really have to go there when I come back to Japan!
    Thank you for sharing awesome news every time <3

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet message ^-^ !!!

      I will update more soon, but I am again a little bit sick ^^

      Thank you for follow !