Emma chan ~

Hello ! Lately on mainichi fashion blog, the blog of the Tokyo Fashion Show Staff, I was talking about a girl than I discovered last summer. This girl is Emma. Not many people know Emma but she is since September a regulary new model for Zipper mag and also a sales assistant for the shop Nadia Flores en el Corrazon.

She is starting her carreer the same way than Seto Ayumi ^^

credit photos:  http://icchostyleblog.blogspot.fr/

credit photos: http://ridsnap.com/

So, the first time I saw that girl That was a true chock O_O It was like if I totally found myself in an other girl. She doesn't really inspire me but when I look at her I have the feeling to see myself in a mirror. Yeah that's kind of strange I know ^^

As a witch ~*° love it >w<

 They are my fav coordinates of her

 As you saw she likes a lot colorful beanie as me ^-^

 Here is a photo which inspired me. It is like if that girl had thought before me what I could imagined to wear as outfits >< ...Strange ? I hope you understand what I mean ^-^

 So here is my coordi:

Tee - ZARA
Bustier - ZARA
Pants - Market
Hat - Offbrand
Shoes - TEXTO
Scrunchies - Bijou Brigitte

I hope than you like this look so cool ~ like in a reggae town people ;)
I let you for now ! XoxOo ~


  1. I love Emma!!!!!!!!She is becoming popular and popular:D
    Your bustier is awesome.
    I dont live in Tokyo:O
    My prefecture is far from Tokyo.
    But I will live in Tokyo in the future:D
    I want to meet you someday:DLet's go shopping together:D
    Oh..but Many Japanese people love France style :D
    I like both style<33

    1. I am happy to see than you love her ^^
      Thank you also ;)
      Yes I hope we could meet one day ! ^-^ It will be great ~ >o<
      French fashion is nice also but not too much open-minded, that's my regret :/