Belgium nostalgia ~

Hello guys ! Did you remember last time when I was in Belgium for the Harajuku Walk ? :)
The day after I was also in Belgium but not at Brussels, at Lièges. I slept at Eloise house.
The sunday she takes me to a fun fair known to being BIG, and It was.

The two of us with Yapo at Halloween Walk >-<

 A little bit sad because Yapo came back to philipinnes and I hadn't see her again before ;-;

I was so happy to go to a funfair ! I never really came to those kinds of things when I was little x) Everything was gorgeous but also very expensive :x
I remember than I wanted to eat a Liège waffle because I was at Lièges haha ^-^ But It was a mistake to done it there... The one I bought was so distgusting ><" Thankfully I bought another later, in a true shop dedicated to waffles and It was so Yummy ^-^
It remember me an anime than I loved to watch when I was at school: A little snow fairy sugar ~
The heroine was crazy about waffles ^-^ (as me >o>...)

Here are the funfair pictures. Enjoy !

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays guys !
See you ;)


  1. awww, im sad to leave too ;A; but im very happy to have spend time w/ you guys <3 im sure it's not the last time too, cause im coming back ^-^