And A Happy New Year !!! ^o^/

Hello friends !
Today, we are the second day of this new year ! I hope than everyone is ready because It's started now ! ^0^ !!!!!!
Personnaly, I am not totally prepared x) I have not made ​​resolutions, except than I will write more on this blog and than I would do some shootings and other interesting things ... for example: realising my dream \^0^/ -> going to Japan !!!
2012 was the year of search & 2013 will be the year of improvement !
I hope than 2014 will be the year of the fulfillment ^-^

So... Today I wanted to present you a brand named Pearl ...so sweety name ~

Lately I saw a marvellous dress on Juria Nakagawa and It was a big crush !! >w<

All what I love is putted together in one dresse !
credit RIDSNAP@

Later I discovered I could buy it on Sister shop and in fact, all about PEARL brand is cool.
 Check it.

Here is the clip of ERIKO NAKAO+TAKASHI YOSHIDA+RIE SHIRAISHI for the publication of the Sister Book.
Love it ;3

Some pictures of me and my outfits, from last december.

Cardigan - H&M
Vest - Second-hand sale shop
Skirt - Second-hand sale shop
Shoes - Bric-a-brac market

See you ! ;)

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