Hello guys !
I hope you had a good monday and than you will have a nice week !

Do you remember that I had got a 6%DOKIDOKI dress for my birthday lately ?
Last time I promised you than I will do a coordi with it and I did it !

 I am not totally happy about this coordi, It is too much dark for me. I thought than for my style, I prefer to wear It with naked legs, but we are in winter and I prefer to wear tights so ...

But I like the effect of my black tee on the dress, It's kinda cool I think ^-^

But be prepared, because I planed to wear it for KPP concert in february !!!!
 Yes ! I gonna attend Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert !!!

I will go there with my lovelies Haru, Kitty and maybe Merveille (I hope so ><) !!

 Haru, Merveille
& Kitty


So look out guys, I gonna be there >-<!!!!

For the end I let you with her last tune. I am not really fan of this song but It is cheerful and It makes me laugh a lot to see this cute girl being like drunk in her clip, Love her <3
The song talk about the adult age, 20, in Japan because Kyary gonna have 20 early.

See you guys !!


  1. hi:D

    I want your wearing!!the black tops is really awesome!!
    You also like gossic fashion??<33
    I dont have a friend who like lolita fashion.;O
    And you know Japanese movies and actors very well!
    You are super cool girl,i think!!!!xx

    1. Haha thank you ^-^
      And I think you mean gothic ? If that's so, then yes I found some inspirations in gothic fashion.
      I don't wear lolita but I admire a lot that style and I would like to have one dress one day x)
      Thank you so much, I don't know if I am haha xD

      It's always a pleasure to follow your blog XOXO

  2. Yeah!!Gothic!
    I want also to wear lolita <33But it is so expensive.:O
    have you ever been to Japan ?
    You...live in France?
    I have watched that there are many people in france who like "Tokyo style" on TV.:D
    And they are as fashionable as people in Japan!
    I am really surprised.

    1. Yeah It is really expensive :O I agree I never been to Japan but I plan to get there for August ;) Yeah, I live in France ^-^ And you ? Are you from Tokyo ? Many french people love japanese fashion and they are really fashionable, I agree also. But It is really difficult for us to assume these kind of styles in France. People there don't understand. In France fashion have to be the way than people think It is suitable.