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 Hi guys !

I am sorry for my long absence but I am currently sick since one week and the littlest activity is hard to do for me.

 Otherwise, do you remember Kanae Higashi than I presented you last time, when I was talking about cult party girls ?

I told you than she was the owner of a brand and It happens than last december she sold some of her creations to The Virgin Mary shop.


Super skaterman !

Hello boys & boyish girls (and girls also).

Today's topic is a photoshooting, made by the photographer Ayako Kichikawa and by the stylist Masahiro Nakajima.

When I first saw this photoshoot, I said "What a cool boy and stage !". This guys is like a super-hero from american comics. You know, he has green lighting hair, like if he was in transformation, and he is wearing bright blue and red colors, as many american super-heros -> spiderman, superman, captain america ...

 And more than that, he is wearing really cool outfits. The brand is DISSBORN. And I am now in love with that brand, even if It is for boys.


Emma chan ~

Hello ! Lately on mainichi fashion blog, the blog of the Tokyo Fashion Show Staff, I was talking about a girl than I discovered last summer. This girl is Emma. Not many people know Emma but she is since September a regulary new model for Zipper mag and also a sales assistant for the shop Nadia Flores en el Corrazon.

She is starting her carreer the same way than Seto Ayumi ^^



Hello guys !
I hope you had a good monday and than you will have a nice week !

Do you remember that I had got a 6%DOKIDOKI dress for my birthday lately ?
Last time I promised you than I will do a coordi with it and I did it !


Belgium nostalgia ~

Hello guys ! Did you remember last time when I was in Belgium for the Harajuku Walk ? :)
The day after I was also in Belgium but not at Brussels, at Lièges. I slept at Eloise house.
The sunday she takes me to a fun fair known to being BIG, and It was.

The two of us with Yapo at Halloween Walk >-<


Skater girl ~\:

Lately guys, I am in a skater mood ...
I show you some of my inspirations & I wish you again a happy new year !


And A Happy New Year !!! ^o^/

Hello friends !
Today, we are the second day of this new year ! I hope than everyone is ready because It's started now ! ^0^ !!!!!!
Personnaly, I am not totally prepared x) I have not made ​​resolutions, except than I will write more on this blog and than I would do some shootings and other interesting things ... for example: realising my dream \^0^/ -> going to Japan !!!
2012 was the year of search & 2013 will be the year of improvement !
I hope than 2014 will be the year of the fulfillment ^-^

So... Today I wanted to present you a brand named Pearl ...so sweety name ~