°*~Merry Chritsmas \^o^/ ~*°

Hello guys !
I hope you had a merry christmas and I wish you a best year-end !

Today I wanted to show you some of the presents that Santa sent me this year ! >-> Yet I thought I wasn't a nice girl this year x)

When I opened my gifts, I was so happy when I found this cute Hello Kitty >w< wearing colors and outfits that make me dreaming.
That's like if Santa begin to know me well ;)

And then I discoverded two boxes containing what I ordered for Christmas:

a body cream with Peony sent
a spray glitter from Peony collection also

This all products are from the shop: L'Occitane.
I am proud of this brand known internationally who offer many articles, all of good quality, composed with plants from my region, in the south of France >-<

I am in love with the packaging of the spray glitter. This spray was an limited edition for Christmas. So the packaging was really well done. Writing is like sewn, made ​​entirely with a silver wire.

The spray is similar to vintage spray. It is really delicate. I love it >w<!!!

I am also fascinated by the finesse of the pot. And the cream at the opening seemed already so soft.
And in fact it is ~o~

Santa was magic this year. I found a Dior box, white, simple, and when I opened it I discovered my treasure surrounded by feathers *-*

My treasure was a varnish with a beautiful blue color.

Here is an other surprise gift, which goes very well with my order from L'Occitane. It is a perfume with fresh rose scent from Yves Rocher.

And here is some of my birthday presents ~ because I am born at the end of December.
And The BEST is... the dress I ordered to a cute belgian: a 6%DOKIDOKI sailor dress !!!! >w< !!!
Thank you Giru ^x^ ! I am really happy >w<!!!

I also had with surprise some cute accessories !
I am really in love with them ^-^ Normally I am not a fan of accessories with pastries but these one are perfect !

Tadam ! As you saw, I am really happy of my christmas presents & I am also pleased to have seen my whole family
 Soon I will do some coordi with my new dress ;)


  Also ! If you haven't seen these videos yet, watch them !
It's nice to follow models in their adventures ^-^

See you guys ! ^-^/

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