Chanel my dear ~°

Hello !
Yesterday, I found out the new Chanel fashion show of the "métiers d'arts".
Every year Chanel do this fashion show to celebrate one of his houses. This year cashemire is honored.

This year show took place in Scotland:

I love how Karl Lagerfeld uses the tartan to his traditional use but in a british punky way !

This is realy the kind of ambiance than I love. The way he matches outfits on models reminds me of some britain inpirated coordi on Zipper mag.

I could wear the whole outfit on the left x)

Looks like Punk Lolita on the right, don't you think ? ^-^

I love the general ambiance of the outfit on the right. I am totally falling for the dress *-*

Love the colors and materials mix of this collection, that's just what I could do for myself  ^-^
It reminds me than last time I have bought two accessories with tartan print.

Earflap - Bijou Brigitte
Scarf - H&M

Bye !

credit photos:
http://www.russhmagazine.com/ - http://www.eluxcubrations.com/ - http://www.peopleinside.fr/

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